Why Zlatarski


Why is Zlatarski International School of Sofia one of the top high schools in Bulgaria?

Why do students from Bulgaria and around the world choose Zlatarski International School of Sofia for the past 16 years?
• International school
• Proved results in applications for universities
• High requirements for students
• Enthusiastic teachers, willing to work in a young environment
• Discipline
• Competitive environment
• Attention and care to every single student
• Experience and high results in teaching the IB Diploma Programme
• Zlatarski International School is a secondary school. Аll our efforts, time and capital are invested in developing secondary education. We apply our knowledge, teaching experience and administrative management in preparing Zlatarski students for successful university education in Bulgaria and abroad.

Why is Zlatarski International School the most approved International Baccalaureate school in Bulgaria?
• The first institution in Bulgaria, member of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (since 2003)
• Experience in teaching International Baccalaureate subjects
• Qualified IB teachers
• Applicable subjects
• High exam results
• Offers from leading university the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, etc.

What type of students is Zlatarski International School for?
• Motivated and ambitious students (14-19 year old), who look for quality education, accredited in Bulgaria and around the world.
• Students willing for excellent academic achievements.
• Active participants in the academic process with regular attendance
• Participants in Olympiads and other national competitions
• Participants in extracurricular activities: arts and sports.
• Young people with will to continue their education with degrees from top universities

The Curriculum

8-10 grade
• English and foreign languages (German, Spanish)
• Subjects taught in English
• IT
• Latin, civilizations  and culture
• At the end of 10th grade students choose in either specialization: humanitarian, mathematics, social science and economics
• The curriculum covers the standards for secondary education in Bulgaria and acts as a preparation for the International Baccalaureate Diploma or A-level diploma.
11-12 grade
• Preparation for university education with the IB Diploma or Bulgarian national diploma
• Extended Essay and exams in the IB Diploma Programme and A Levels
• Preparation for the Bulgarian Matura exams
• Meetings with University representatives
• College counseling

Studying at Zlatarski International School of Sofia
• Classes take place between 8.00am and 3.00pm o’clock
• Students are always at school in the morning – no afternoon classes
• All parents receive academic report cards on their children’s performance in class and discipline